I get asked this a lot…. I can’t really explain it, but the answer is No. Working in the adult industry, weather it is shooting for Randy Blue or shooting for Starrfucker Magazine has nothing to do with my personal sex life. It does not effect it negatively or positively. If I was to be on set shooting a 10 person orgy with cock and holes everywhere all day I can’t imagine coming home to my man and saying, sorry honey I’ve seen enough ass for the day. When on set I am not thinking hey look at all this dick and balls. We are busy hoping we get the shot and wrap up the shoot before dinner. A naked guy in front of me might as well be a dressed one. Yeah there have been a few times where I was like hmmmm that’s hot. But the truth is- I’m not involved so, it’s not a sexual feeling. When I am with a man I want or just want to fuck- that is about him and I… not the fact that he is naked in front of me. I couldn’t even mix up the two so, there is no effect either way on my personal sex life or my attitude towards it. If I didn’t see another dick at work for the rest of my life I doubt I would be any different in the bedroom. I have a high sex drive in general and can’t imagine ever being oh I’ve had too much- especially if that too much is just seeing guys fuck. I am not into just seeing hot guys naked fucking… it’ll take much more than that to get me turned on. Besides many of the guys I do see fucking aren’t ones I would go home with… so, that too plays a part. The idea of fucking my man turns me on way more than the idea of some adult performer on set. 

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